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All Team Extreme performers are professional skateboarders, BMXers or inline skaters with years of competition and show experience. Many of whom hold World and European titles and are recognised figures within the media.

This page features a selection of our key performers including some of the worlds top extreme sports riders: Alex Coleborn (BMX), Declan Brooks (BMX), Jenna Downing (World Champion Inline skater), Ryan McNamara (Scooter) Ben Wallace (BMX), Sam Beckett (Skateboard), Rich Parker (Inline), Mark Webb (BMX)


Neil Danns - Skateboarder & Owner
Apart from an unmistakable presence on the microphone, Neil has exceptional skateboarding talents. His signature Invert handplants and powerful style have earned him many British and European titles throughout his career.
A born performer, Neil has always led the alternative lifestyle. From singing for the UK in the Eurovision to winning skate contests to opening art galleries. Somewhat of a living legend in his home city of Liverpool where he makes it into the Daily Echo on a regular basis. Neil has performed all over the world, from Beirut to Cape Town, Brazil to Iceland, and all over the USA.
Neil is also an athlete mentor for the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and the Youth Sport Trust.

Mike Mullen - BMXer & Owner
Mike is the 2014 UK Pro Halfpipe Champion and was the '94 World Amateur & '98 World Masterclass halfpipe champion. Mike has appeared in several TV commercials and prformed with Team Extreme at events in Bahrain, Cape Town, Shanghai, Munich, Barcelona, Fuerteventura, Istanbul and the Laureus World Sports Awards in Monaco. Winner of 'Highest Air' contest at the Urban Games 04. Other placing's: 1st in the King of Concrete and 5th in the European X Games. Mike is also an athlete mentor for the Youth Sport Trust.

Doug Peel Yates - Inline Skater & Owner
Doug is also one of Team Extreme's managers and is the current UK no.2 inline skater. Doug has a number of Pro contest titles behind him, including 3x British Champion. He is a true showman and never fails to please the crowds on the halfpipe show, with huge airs, flips and spins.
Doug is from Banbury and still competes in contests in the UK and USA.
Doug has been skating for Team Extreme for 12 years performing displays in South Africa, Egypt, Beirut, China, Bahrain and all around europe with the theatre show: Holiday on Ice.

Ronnie Remo - BMXer & Owner
Ronnie is from Portsmouth is one of our show managers. Placing 2nd in the Master class World Champs in 2000 and 2nd at the 2005 Urban Games, he is well known for pulling tricks out of the bag that he didn't even know he could do. Rupturing his spleen at the age of 18, Ronnie felt the hand of the grim reaper. Fighting back from near death his commitment to riding has brought him to where he is today. Performed in Cape Town, Shanghai, Poland, Barcelona, Cologne, Bahrain all over Europe & at the Australian X Games.
Ronnie also runs the bike company: Total BMX.

Danny Aldridge - Inline Skater & Team Leader
Danny is one of our superstars, having been with us since the age of 10. Now 23 (and about 8ft tall) Danny has advanced to be an incredible and unique skater. Whether he is pulling 7ft high airs on the mini ramp, landing on the back rail of a ramp then somersaulting off the back, or plain launching out of the show arena with a massive front flip, Danny NEVER fails to amaze!
Danny comes from Bognor Regis and held the under 12s and under 15s UK inline skating title for two years in a row and placed 3rd in Pro at the 2005 UK Nationals. Greatest achievement: doing a show for the Queen's Golden Jubilee, British Champion in 1998 and 1999.2nd in Inline Street Am and won best trick at NASS 2010.
Danny's video edit >>>

Rich Parker - Inline Skater & Team Leader
Rich is 27, has been skating 17 years and won a silver medal at the Asian X Games 2011. He is also the current UK no.1 halfpipe skater and 2011, 2012 and 2013 European Champion.
Rich is the only UK halfpipe skater to have earned an ASA pro title and tricks include a flat spin 900, the incredible 1080 and just recently the 1260 (3 and a half rotations). Rich is determined to be one of the best and it reflects in his skating style; being powerful and exciting.
2013 contest results 2nd NL Contest Strasbourg, 2nd at MSS Bulgaria, 1st EC San Marino, 2nd International Roller Cup Italy, 2nd EC Den Bosch.
2012 results include: 4th at the Asian X-Games in Shanghai, 1st at NL Contest in Strasbourg, 1st at the Chewits Xtreme Inline Open, 1st at the European Championships in Copenhagen, 1st at King of Warriors Two in Barcelona and 3rd at ProRad in Sao Paulo Brazil.
Greatest achievement: Becoming the second person in the world to land a double backflip 180.
Roskilde Festival Video 2013 >>>
2012 Highlight Video >>>

Other performers (alphabetical order)
Paul & Joe Atkins - Skateboarders
Our very own father & son duo: Joe and Paul Atkins (aka Jim the skin)
Paul comes from Coventry and has been skating over 30 yrs. Always skated vert ramps and bowls and still competes in UK vert comps nowdays alongside his son Joe. He and Joe go to California once a year to skate all their amazing parks.
Joe is 18yrs old and has been skating since he was 2yrs old and has won the Mt Hawke vert comp. He loves vert ramps,skateparks and jump ramps and plans to go to the States to stay for a while after school.
Both are always found at Creation skatepark Birmingham on the Vert ramp.

John Bell - Skateboarder
John is 25 from Stockport and has been skating for 11 years. He has been with Team Extreme for 6 years and is one of the top skaters in the north west. He's won the Bones comp twice and placed 5th at the Ripcurl Boardmasters comp and the UKSA national championships.
John skates for DC shoes, Unabomber skateboards, Rollersnakes, Landshark and Note skate shop
John has had two signature boards out since turning professional.
John's video edit >>>

Kyle Blake - BMXer
Kyle Blake is an incredible mini ramp and street BMXer and is one of our regular mini ramp/spine team. He has most of the biggest tricks down in the world of BMX including flairs, downside whips and double tailwhips over spines.
Kyle is from Havant near Portsmouth and has a powerful style. He often competes on a world level. Keep an eye out for this guy.
Greatest achievement: Designing his own frame for Total BMX and riding shows and skateparks in China
Check out Kyle's latest video edit here:

Sam Beckett - Skateboarder
Sam is from Norfolk and is one of the UK's top new school halfpipe skaters. He started skating demos with Team Extreme in 2008 and has since won the UK vert series, beating all the old pros.
Sam Beckett is the 2008 LG Amateur Action Sports World Champion in halfpipe skateboarding and won a silver medal at the 2009 X Games in Amateur Halfpipe. Sam got 10th at the ISF World Championships 2010 and is set to be a big star in the future!

Sam Bosworth - Skateboarder
Sam won gold at the 2009 X Games in Amateur Halfpipe and made history by being the first ever UK skater to win at the X Games.
Same never fails to amaze crowds in our halfpipe shows with 7ft airs, back to back mc twists and double kickflip airs.
He's beating all the top UK skateboarders twice his age and is definitely one of the UK's top halfpipe skateboarders.

Declan Brooks - BMXer
Declan is 17 years old from Portsmouth and is one of the hottest riders in the UK at present. He rides for Vocal BMX and his favourite discipline to ride is the spine mini ramp.
Declan has a string of great competition results already including 3rd at FISE 2014, 2nd in Pro Park at the 2013 Worlds, 1st King of Southsea 2012, 2nd Boardmasters 2012 and 3rd Boardmasters 2011.
Latest video edit from Declan >>>

Adam Brown - Inline Skater
Adam won a place on the team by winning the Liverpool Hub Competition 2 years running. Adam is from Manchester and has 12 years of skating experience.
Adam travels regularly to compete at all the major inline contests and is a master of technical grinds. Favourite trick is the corkscrew 900: two and a half rotations upside down.
Adam is one of our main performers at mini ramp shows and skateparks in the north. Best of british champion in 2008 and 2nd place on Goliath ramp at NASS 2010 landing the rarely seen double backflip.
Adam video edit >>>

Samantha Bruce - Skateboarder
Sam is one of the best female skateboarders in the UK. She has been skating mini ramp and bowls for 10 years and is based in London.
Sam organised the first two girls comps at NASS and was a Co TV presenter for 'Rad The Groms Down Under' and featured in 'Rad The Groms Tour America', shown on channel 5.

Mario Carelse - BMXer
Mario is based in London and is our staple rider in our BMX flatland and Urban Freestyle shows. He placed 3rd in the UK championships 08 and won in 2010. He's performed in Egypt, Spain Portugal and Dubai for Team Extreme. One of the famous Green Mile crew, his riding style mixes up rolling, spinning & scuffing tricks.
Mario is also the rider in a book called BMX riding Skills on general release about how to ride Flatland.
View Mario explaining how to learn a range of basic BMX tricks in our
'How-To' section >>>
Mario's video edit >>>

Alex Coleborn - BMXer
Alex is a fresh face on the european BMX scene. He was born and raised in Jersey, but spends a lot of time with Total Bikes team mate: Mark Webb which has certainly rubbed off on him. Alex is already a big name on YouTube, posting videos of unbelievable tricks he's invented.
2010 was his first year of competing when hewon the BMX Masters Pro Super Ramp 2010. Since then he has made his mark as the UK's top Pro park rider with contless wins including his recently the 2013 Boardmasters contest.
Alex's video edit >>>

Josh Cox - BMXer
Josh Cox is 19 years old and from Stourbridge near Birmingham. Josh is one of Team Extreme's latest 'new school' park BMXers. He's been riding for 5 years and is sponsored by DK Bicycles, Scoop distribution, Custom riders and Park clothing.

Mike Curley - BMXer
Mike is 20, from Blackburn, England. He has been riding for 6 years and is sponsored by We The People Bikes, Animal clothing, Cellblock BMX shop and the Arc skatepark.
Mike has a new video edit out soon and also signature bars to be released this year.

Jenna Downing - Inline Skater
Jenna is none other than the 2008 Inline Womens Street LG World Champion and 10x Female British Inline Champion.
She travels to compete around the world at an international level, often found at Woodward Training Camp, Pennsylvania, either skating or coaching others.
She has worked on many TV programmes including The Big Breakfast, CITV's Ministry of Mayhem and Skillz, a Kellogg's commercial and is even a character in the Sony Playstation and X-Box video game 'Rolling'. She also recently featured in a MTV music video for Peter Gelderblom's 'Waiting 4' and starred as an actor/dancer/skater in the Theatre production: Spear.
Other competition results include: 2nd in the World X-Games 02, 3rd in the LG Action Sports World Championships 05, Freesports Athlete of the Year award winner 05, 2nd in the LG Action Sports World Championships 07, NASS winner x3. Jenna is without doubt the female figurehead when it comes to UK inline skating, being the 2nd female in the world to pull the 900 spin! Jenna is also an athlete mentor for the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and the Youth Sport Trust.

Shaun Eglington - BMXer
Shaun is one of the smoothest vert BMXers out there and has been riding with Team Extreme for 3 years since teh Millenium Dome shows in 2000. Originally from South Africa, now residing in Wiltshire he's competed internationally at many events including X Games and world championships.
Shaun has a great riding style and mixes up 10ft plus airs with no handers and flairs.

Jason Forde - BMXer
Jason is 36, based in London and is one of main performers within the flatland BMX show. Jason rides without brakes which makes for an unmistakable style with full commitment on the most incredible rolling, spinning and bar flip tricks.
He's been riding for 16 years and is Easily one of the best flatlanders in Europe. Jason rides for, 1WMBMX, EMERBMX and Edwardes of Camberwell.

John Foster - BMXer
John is from St Neots and is one of the new generation of halfpipe riders.
Known for boosting high airs, bar spins, alley oops and 540s, he is busy building a big catalogue of tricks.
Sponsored by drama clothing and Billy's bike shop in Cambridge. Currently riding the 2013 UK vert series and preparing to ride at the Worlds in 2014.
John's video edit >>>

Ryan Ferguson - Scooter
Ryan is from Liverpool and is one of the rising stars on the UK scooter scene. Aged 14 Ryan is already sponsored by Rayv Clothing and is known for mixing technical tricks with huge airs on the skatepark.

Andrew Gilbert - Inliner
Andrew is from Liverpool and won his place on the team by placing 1st at an inline skating competition in 07 and just recently won 1st place Inline street Am at NASS 2010. Andy has been receiving a lot of exposure lately and has been pictured on a Renault cars poster.
Andy placed 2nd in the Chaz Sands invitational contest in Liverpool this year and also competed in the Aviva Grand Prix high jump. He was recently voted one of 3 'Best for Liverpool Talent' and was the highest placed UK skater at the Winterclash contest in Germany.

Sean Goff - Skateboarder
Sean is one of our veteran skateboarders and with Neil Danns is the only original member left from the start of Team Extreme.
Sean has been British champion on vert and when it comes to skateboarding he's been there, seen and done everything. Well know and respected all over the world Sean continues to skate at a high level even in his mid forties.

Angus Gough - BMXer
Angus is from St Neots and at 16 is one of our youngest BMXers on dirt and park.
Know for big superman and tailwhip tricks he has been competing in pro this year, placing 2nd in the NassTransgression Jam and 9th at Boardmasters 2013.
Angus was part of a TV advert for Samsung and is currently sponsored by Custom Riders and We Are Park clothing.
Angus' video edit >>>

Ben Grove - Skateboarder
Ben is one of our latest skateboard additions to Team Extreme.
Based in Manchester, Ben has been skating for 11 years and is one of the top street skaters in the country, having placed 4th in the UK championships two years in a row.

Alex Hallford - Skateboarder
Alex is one of our new additions to the halfpipe shows. He's 21 and is from West Bridgford in Nottingham. Another of the new school of vert skaters, he's been skating for 10 years and has a smooth and flowing style.
Alex's best tricks are handplants and blunt variations. He placed 2nd at Concrete Carnival 2012 and 4th at the UK Vert Skate Championships 2011.
Sponsors: Unabomber Skateboards, FortyTwo Skateshop

Adam Halvorsen - Skateboarder
Adam is based in Falmouth, Cornwall and is one of the new breed of young skaters from the south west taking over vert skating in the UK.
Aged 21, he's been skating since he was 10 and finished 4th in the 2009 UK vert series.
Adam travels to skate the big vert ramps all around europe for competitions and in the last few years has competed in Spain, Holland, France and Germany.
Adam joined us during 2009 and is known for his big airs, flowing style and flip tricks.

Matti Hemmings - BMXer
Matti is based in Bristol, he found his passion for Flatland BMX at a young age and performs BMX shows across UK & Europe along with attending competitions. His achievements include 2 x Guinness World Record holder, Toured on the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay which travelled across every region in the UK. Recently took 2nd in Pro at the UK Battle Vibes 2013. He also is the founder & Organiser of the UK Flatland BMX Championships giving something back to UK Flatland scene. He has worked on many TV programmes including CBBC Officaly Amazing, Blue Peter, Sunday Brunch and Nickelodeon Fruitshootskills.
Check Matti's awesome Neon Love UV video edit >>>
Also see his bowling alley edit >>>

Paul Jones - BMXer
Paul is our very own Mr Motivator/Denis Wingham No.2, and joined Team Extreme during 2006. Paul has been riding the competition circuit in the UK & Europe for over 10 years and has some of the biggest moves in BMX.
He is one of a handful of people in the UK to regularly pull the flair (180 backflip) consistently on a BMX. Paul's other tricks include tailwhips, bar spins and huge 540's.
This guy is crazy and a real crowd favourite - check him at halfpipe show soon.

Jim Langran - Skateboarder
Jim is 22 years old and is one of our latest skateboard recruits on the halfpipe shows. He's been skating for 9 years and is based in Birmingham.
Having placed 4th in the 2012 Brazilian Amateur vert competition and 6th in the 2010 UK Vert Skateboard Series, Jim is one of the rising 'new school' vert skaters.
Jim has travelled all over europe and spent time living in China through his skateboarding. He is currently studying languages at university.
Check Jim's video edit >>>

Joe McDonald - Scooter
Joe is one of our latest riders to join Team Extreme. He is 18 years old and is based in Chippenham, Wiltshire. Joe Rides for Razor UK, Infinty Pro and Voltz Energy Shots and has been riding for 5 years. During that time he has risen to be one of the best in the UK placing 10th in the UK Scooter Championships and winning 3 competitions.

Ryan McNamara - Scooter
Ryan is 18 years old from Rayleigh, Essex and has been riding for 3 years. In that time he has now won various UK competitions, and qualified for many European finals. He has competed in France, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Spain. Ryan has toured with Grit Scooters in other European countries also, doing demos etc, plus spent time in the USA on a few occasions riding and filming etc.
He is ranked among the top 50 riders in the world and placed 2nd in the Scooter World Cup Final held at Scootfest in 2012, narrowly missing out on 1st place to current World Champion Dakota Schuetz (USA)
Grit Scooters video edit >>>
2011 Video video edit >>>

Dave Monaghan - Skateboarder
Dave is from Stockport and is one of the top skaters in the north west.
He's been skating for 12 years and has skated with Team Extreme for a number of shows including a tour of China in 2006 and Tour of Turkey in 2011.
Watch out for Dave at skatepark openings and mini ramp displays in the north of England.

Noddy - Skateboarder
Noddy is one of the best up and coming street and mini ramp skaters in the UK. With a powerful style and full commitment approach to tricks he's definitely going to be one to look out for in our shows this year. Noddy is 27, based in Gosport and is sponsored by Herbal skateboards.

Rosie O'Donoghue - Inline Skater
Rosie is 21 years old, born in Dundee but now lives in Ardrossan! She's been inline skating for 10 years and is now an AIL pro.
Some of her best comp results include 1st place at Slamm Jamm 2011, 2010 & 2009, 2nd place at the 2011 Chaz sand invitational and 3rd at the AIL comp Woodward USA.
She was also the winner of the Richard Taylor scholarship award which took her to California to compete in the 2011 world championships at woodward!
Rosie was part of the 6 week Tour of Turkey in 2011.

Marcus Payne - Skateboarder
From Hayling Island, Marcus has been skating for 14 years and can turn his hand to anything: street, skate parks, mini ramp, midi ramp, bowls and vert.
Marcus has entered the World Championships at Nass the last 4 years running skating in the same heat as Mike Valley. running and also won the under 16's comp at Southsea skatepark when he was only 13. Marcus has been a keen member of Team Extreme performing at shows/demo's/competitions for the past 8 years. He is sponsored by Herbal Skateboards, Animal and The Hub Skatestore.
Marcus' video edit >>>

Leon Perkins - BMXer
Leon is 25 and is one of our latest additions to the team. He rode his first pro comp in 2005 after only riding for 5 years. Leon has a big, powerful style and rides many of the european competitions
He is based in Liverpool and enjoys filming and producing videos in between riding.
Leon's Power Hour vieo edit >>>

Jason Phelan - BMXer
Jason is the top BMXer in Ireland. He earnt his place at our Liverpool Hub 08 competition, impressing everybody there and winning the best trick comp. He also placed 9th in pro spine at the Masters 08 in Germany.
His style is all about throwing in big tricks and spotting crazy transfers around a course. Watch out for a lot more of Jason in our skatepark and spine ramp shows.

Jon Root - BMXer
Jon is 20 years old and based in Essex.
One of the latest riders to start riding shows for Team Extreme, he brings a powerful park style, with big airs, barspins and 360 variations.
Jon is sponsored by Pijin bike shop.
Jon's video edit >>>

Chaz Sands - Inline Skater
Chaz is from Glasgow and competes around the world in major international events. Currently ranked 5 th in the world with four signature skates, his sporting career has enabked him to travel the world and become an iconic name in the rollerblading industry. He now organises and runs a World Championship qualifier competition - the Chaz Sands Invitational.
Chaz was also part of a huge show last year that marked the 40th anniversary of the United Arab Emirates.

Matt Search - BMXer
Matthew is 22 years old from Southend. He joined Team Extreme during 2009 and is currently representing GrindBMX and
He's been riding about 9 years and loves to ride any type of terrain, whether it be mini, park, vert, street or even flatland.
As a result; he has a unique style. Often mixing his own tricks like the 'Bombdriver', with crowd pleasers such as double tailwhips and flairs.
This guy never fails to impress.

Zach Shaw - BMXer
Zach is one of the most well known pro BMXers on the extreme sports circuit with 20+ years of riding experience. Zach is a truly world-class vert halfpipe rider with a string of competition titles including the 2000 World Extreme Games gold medal, bronze at the Latin X Games, 3rd at the 2005 World Championships and 1st at the Urban Games 04 & 06.
Originally from London, Zach spends much of his time traveling the world for competitions and demos. He is the inventor of the 360 backflip - The Zach Flip and has even been a character on the Dave Mirra Playstation game!

Jamie Stenner - Inline Skater
Jamie Stenner is 29 years old from sunny Bognor Regis and has been skating for 16 years. He won the Welsh nationals in the mid nineties, the Chaz Sands Am in 2008 and came 3rd at Slamm Jamm 2009. That took him to the AIL world finals in California where he turned pro in 2010.
Jamie is sponsored by RZRS skates and runs ESP skateshop in Chichester.
Jamie's video edit >>>

Beat Technique - Beatboxer
A.k.a Dean Ynhell is a beatboxer, mc and singer hailing from South Wales and now residing in Bristol. Dean has toured as a professional beatboxer on shows throughout the UK and regularly performs with up and coming Welsh band Reconcile: winners of Surface Festivals best welsh unsigned band in 2011.
He prides himself on his unique style and stage presence and also teaches and performs workshops in beatboxing. Dean has also supported Jessie J, Tinchey Stryder, Chipmunk and Skepta on the Breakin Out festival in Abergavenny, his home town.

Jak Tonge - Skateboarder
Jak is Team Extreme's skateboard genius. He has an uncanny ability to stay on his board through just about whatever he tries, including 'double kickflip fakies'.
1st place at the Duffs Concrete Carnage contest, 8th place LG Action Sports World Finals.
Jak is a staple in our mini ramp display and is one of our top skateboard coaches. Greatest achievement: his 'son' and his 657 video part which took 2 years to make!

James Threlfall - Skateboarder
James is 20 and comes from Bath and is one a rising park skater. He is currently sponsored by Skate Warehouse, Animal, 7Tree Skateboards, GoPro, House of Marley, RampNation and Melon Optics. James won the 2011 Boardmasters Midi ramp contest and has since made 3 World Cup appearances.
James' video edit >>>

Ben Thrower - BMXer
Ben is one of our very latest additions to Team Extreme. Aged 16, Ben is another huge talent to emerge from the Portsmouth area, honing his talents at Southsea Skatepark from a young age. Ben won the 2012 King of the Skateparks contest and is one of the Total BMX team riders.

Ben Wallace - BMXer
Ben is one of the top BMXers in Europe and recently won Pro Dirt at the 2011 NASS contest. He invented the barrel roll and the double downside tailwhip and pulled a triple tailwhip during the 2007 FISE dirt contest which he went on to win!
Other competition results include: 2nd in Pro at the Suzuki Masters, 2nd Urban games, 2nd NASS06, 1st British Champs 06 and countless others.
Placed 3rd at a Simple Session 2010 pulling the first ever lookback to downside whip. 4th pro street at NASS 2010. 4th in Pro Super Ramp at the BMX Masters 2010.
Greatest achievement: most recently, beating his Guinness World Record for the highest bmx back flip. the record now stands at 2.72 meters 8.9 foot

Mark Webb - BMXer
Mark is the No.1 BMXer in the UK. Within a decade Mark has transformed from a budding young biker at Southsea Skatepark to being a true world-class competitor. It's safe to say that he has amazed the whole of the BMX community with the tricks he's perfected and invented. Mark is the master of the flair (backflip 180) and is able to pull them on the smallest of ramps and can even pull double tailwhips and 900 spins on a mini ramp!
Unsurprisingly Mark has a string of competition wins under his belt including: Urban Games, Suzuki Masters and NASS 2011, 2010, 2008 & 06, FISE 07 and countless others.

Gaz Wilson - BMXer
Gaz is based in London and has amazing skills on a bike which he can transfer to anything, dirt, street, skateparks or vert.
He won the longest jump contest at King of Concrete 2005 and also travelled to China with us to perform at the 2006 Shanghai Cycle Expo.
Gaz mixes super difficult technical tricks with big moves like double tailwhips.
Greatest achievement: 2nd overall in king of concrete 2005, 3rd Boardmaster 2009. Gaz won the 2011 Case BMX Mag contest and the Dynamix skatepark comp 2011. Worked at the infamous Nike Pool and even riden shows inside Nike Town on Oxford Street. Travelled to places all over the world that I would never usually go to thanks to bmx.
Sponsored by Fatality BMX, Charge Clothing, Nurishment Shakes and Bounce bmx.

Nathan Weston - Scooter
Nathan is one of the UK's top Freestyle scooter riders. Riding as a pro for
Grit Scooters UK, his signature moves are big with insane combos like the Bartwist-Bri-Whip. He was the first person in the UK and only the second person in the world to complete the Tricknology Program for scooters, and placed third in this years Scoot-Fest UK Pro Championship and 6th in the World Championship.

Denis Wingham - BMXer
Known during shows as 'Crazy Dennis' he is the man for the most unexpected tricks, suddenly throwing his BMX into a backflip, on the jump ramp or halfpipe. He was the first person in the UK to learn backflips on a BMX and the first in the world to pull front flips!
Based in the Portsmouth area, Denis has ridden for many years at the highest level, travelling all over the world with Team Extreme.
Denis is the 2000 King of Concrete and was also the star of the Busted music video 'And You Said No'.

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